Hi, i'm Waqas!

UI/UX Designer

Get to know me

I am passionate about design. I went to Durham College to study Web Design and although Web Design was a lot of fun, I soon found myself getting lost in the world of design.
After doing my Web design program, I enrolled in the Arts program and currently in my final year. 
I like to use my programming background and design skills to create unique websites that solve problems. I like to call them web-based systems!

My Happy Customers

I don't just make websites. I design web-based systems that solve critical problems and automate tasks to save my clients, time, money and be more efficient and presentable.

Husna Vacations

A beautifully designed website that allows guests to book off a premium destination. The website allows the client to host hundreds of properties and not worry about collecting payments and ensuring capturing guest information for marketing purposes

Key Features


Simple, elegant and minimalistic. 2CLICKS is a website that required a lot of detail touches and creating a backend system that gives real-time notifications to clients and the business for new appointments. Setting up and escrow based payment, abandoned carts and target emails were some of the unique elements for this website

Key Features


GR8 Drivers is a driving school in the heard of Pickering (GTA). A premium driving school with luxury fleets of vehicles that wanted to set themselves apart from the competition.
By developing a new brand identify and automating tasks like bookings and marketing. We created a great system that worked and exceeded the clients expectations

Key Features

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


web design

Web Design is my passion. If you need an update on your website or a complete overhaul please let me know! I would love to work with you and together we can create something totally unique and amazing


product design

Every brand needs a product and I can create products that work with your branding. I can created products based on your existing skews or create a new category altogether



Graphic design is another one of my passions that I am completely in love with. My specialty is in flat vectors and neuromorphic designs. If you need graphic work done, I am your guy!

If your made it all the way down here.